Monday, January 2, 2017

How to get in her Pants and Stay There

I have quickly come to find how complex the dating world can be and I am incredibly grateful that awkward-as-all-fuck young Laura did not have to do a whole lot of it before locking down the husband.  Awkward-as-all-fuck older Laura; however, is totally finding this to be a gruesome sport (yes, it often feels like a sport) in which the rules are always changing, the expectations of what it means to be a female seem to be ever evolving, it's a complete and utter magic 8 ball chance when it comes to the intent of others... let me just say, it's not my favorite thing.

As a female, a 28 year old female, we are expected to have our lives together job and housing wise, be young and fit, be both a classy-domestic-goddess and somehow like a secret sex-crazed animal in the bedroom.  That's fucking exhausting.  Not to say I haven't got this like down, but it really is kind of exhausting.  Like women are hard-wired... HARD... WIRED... to just be fucking hands down amazing at everything all for the sake of finding some man-child who will bring home the bacon, tell her she's pretty, and do a mediocre job at using his penis to make her orgasm.  That's legit how it is.
Now let me tell you how it is for a man.

Men think that women are superficial and that they want some hot guy who makes a ton of money, will whisk her away on dreamy vacations, make her culinary masterpieces and even clean up the kitchen afterward, they think we want someone who takes their shirt off and makes our jaws drop to the floor with their amazing abs just before they throw us over their shoulder to take us to the bedroom for the best sex ever, and then lay in bed for hours saying how lucky they are to have such an amazing woman and that they'll never stick their penis in any other vagina because ours is so amazing and all they'll ever need.     .... Okay, you got me.  Yes, that is absolutely what every woman wants.  But here's the thing, we aren't fucking stupid and we know that's beyond the possible just as the above expectation for women is retarded (even though we do obviously crush it daily).  That being said... here's all a man really has to do:


Just kidding. But seriously, apart from maybe having a decent full time job, paying your own bills, knowing how to do your own laundry, being like half way decent looking by taking a shower on the regular, and just being fucking nice and loyal... that's really it.  I've actually given some decent thought to this and even pilot tested my theory with some pointers to guy friends and it appears I've developed some sort of formula that will help any guy find a lady friend and keep her (should he so please).

Introducing, The 60:40 Rule.

The 60:40 Rule is the idea that every girl loves a little mystery to their man.  From being little and watching Disney to graduating to some PG-13 films where we go through our streak of loving us some bad-boys turned good-we really need a bit of mystery, a bit of does he like me, the feeling of having to work for it a little bit (but not too much).  We need to feel like we've earned something.  No one wants the free shit being handed out at the mall that isn't really free, it's a sample that now if you've stopped to accept it you have to listen to some God awful sales pitch and you have like a 70% chance of leaving with more shit you wanted nothing to do with in the first place all to get someone to shut up.  That's true in dating too.  You don't want the fucking freebie because it's only a lure to a place you don't want to go.

The 60 in the 60:40 is that mystery.  It's the sarcasm, the quiet moments where he's looking at you and you're wondering "Is there spaghetti on my face or is he admiring how beautiful my eyes are?" but you'll never know.  It's the feeling that you want to look your best every time you see this guy because you want him to want you just as much, but you both play it cool (which by the way, makes the sex better).  The sixty is the little jokes that as a guy you should make-- don't be mean, like just little jokes here and there, be sarcastic, be witty, leave her thinking you always know a tad bit more, master your clever look.

The important part is the 40.  Too much 60 makes you an asshole.  Too little makes you too easy and you become the free sample in the mall. The 40 is the part where you say nice things, where you make her dinner, where you compliment her and tell her you want her to be your forever-fuck-partner (that's similar to like a forever home for dogs, but for your penis). This is where you channel your inner Disney prince and you say and do things for her that she won't necessarily share with her girlfriends or your friends but she'll just say "I don't know guys, he's just so sweet" and that's good because you don't lose man-points, but you've earned get-in-her-pants points.

So how do you balance these? Let me tell you. You're welcome by the way, guys and girls alike... because this might just re-invent the wheel for you.  Here's how this gets balanced, I'll give a few examples.

Example 1 - Telling a girl she looks great before a date

Nice Guy: You're just so gorgeous.
This is nice, don't get me wrong. But many girls haven't learned how to take compliments and if it's how the dialogue is most the time, it will start to feel freebie-ish.

Asshole: I can't wait to bend you over and fuck you.
Just, ew.  Like there's the feeling of "I don't know how to respond to 'You're gorgeous'" and then there's the feeling of "well that's kind of nice, but if I say thanks am I saying that's what we're doing later? What did he say his name was again?" 

60:40 master: You look really good in that, those jeans make your ass look hot. 
This is where it's at.  Girl has just spent an hour and a half debating what damn articles of clothing to put together to make sure that ass looks hot and her hair is flawless... that little pat on the back goes a loooong way and following it with the subtle version of "by the way you're also really sexy" makes her blush and know to say "thank you" and she's not feeling like you're an absolute scum bag. 

Example 2- Telling a girl you really appreciate her cooking you dinner

Nice Guy: Thank you so much for making me dinner, I love mac 'n' cheese. (Maybe insert awkward across the table hand touch here).
Now, it may not seem like there's anything wrong with this, but you might friend-zone yourself here. She was going to make you dinner anyway and awkward hand touches are just that-awkward.  Don't reach across the damn table to hold hands.  At that point you may as well be the couple sitting on the same side of a restaurant booth and feeding each other while everyone else gags and calls you weirdos.  It's just too much. 

Asshole: How about we skip the dinner (that she just spent an hour preparing while also trying to still look flawless) and go go the bedroom.
The fuck.  No.  You will sit down and enjoy this dinner and you'll tell me how amazing it is and that I fucking look good cooking it and you can't wait to show off your culinary skills by making me a delicious dinner where all I have to do is enjoy it and admire your good looks.  Where's the wine?!

60:40 Master: Can I pour you a glass of wine? This looks delicious, almost as delicious as you making it.  Next time I'll have to spoil you by making you dinner. 
Excuse me while I blush and all I can say is "shutup, I got it at costco and just threw it in the oven, but what's that about you cooking?"  

Now, I know what you're thinking... this is just you Laura.  No. I can guaran-fucking-tee that this will work on at LEAST 90% of the female population.  We don't like overly touchy, compliment spewing, practically begging for our reciprocal affection.  While we like feeling sexy AF (that stands for "as fuck") we also don't like feeling like a piece of meat and we want our damn effort fucking recognized.  Like I said, it's hard fucking work being a sex machine of a domestic goddess who looks flawless 100% of the time, but we fucking do it so acknowledge that ok?!  Balancing the sexiness with the reciprocating spoiling notion is sexy AF.  Thank you for acknowledging all the hard work I did to gain your interest and for mildly expressing that you want to do the same for me because I'm a fucking catch. That's right.

I'm telling you.  This shit is how you get in a girl's pants and you stay there. Get this down and the world of women is your oyster... which is also an aphrodisiac so you're welcome. I'm just a plethora of helpful information.  Now if only I could find that 60:40 master.  I think I may have, but we shall see.  At the end of the day, as I've said, the female is hard wired to work for that life-long mate.  All we want is the security of feeling we are always more than enough, but that are efforts are warranted and appreciated.  I've not done enough field research yet to confirm what the female's ratio is for getting a man to commit but I'll get back to y'all on that one.

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